About Us


We reinvent and mix the world of hip hop jewelry and the world of high end jewelry by delivering supreme quality handcrafted and limited edition jewelry for most suitable prices. 

Since 2012 we have been able to accomplish this with great succes, launching numerous collections. Our amazing jewelry designs, use of exotic materials and out of the box techniques are loved and admired by customers all around the world. Some of our regular  and satisfied customers are celebrities.

Based in the Netherlands, Europe the inspiration for our pieces is mostly drawn from broad cultural influences, deep historical heritages and spiritual artistry. Our jewelry is worn by man and woman from all walks of life who like to shine and feel rich in soul.

The growth of DINGEMS has been enermous while continously receiving extremely positive customer reviews.

HANDCRAFTED Designer Jewellery

All our jewelry carry the DINGEMS logo stamp as proof of authenticity.

We only use high grade triple A simulated diamonds and sapphire stones in our handcrafted pieces.

All our limited edition jewellery are made of pure Sterling Silver and coated in 18 K gold using the latest technology.


We invite you to take part in a once in a lifetime jewelry-buying experience by offering three exclusive collections. 

Clochard Times ™

Dervish Times ™

Kusheba Times ™

Each collection offers limited edition, high quality jewelry, telling a portion of a story with their own unique styles. 

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